The great thing about PE at BW is that students do plenty of cardio work, but also learn the intricasies of sports like croquet. Share a spot of tea while striking a ball with a mallet. Hopefully the striker can avoid the oppo "opponent". @smallschoolda #1townschoolcommunity
3 months ago, Stuart Packard
Liam croquet
March Madness begins. BW staff chose schools from the NCAA Basketball Tournament; decorated their doors for the teams; and will research the school as part of @avid4college. The superintendent's choice--Univ. of Tennessee-Chattanooga @utc @gomocs @gomocsmbb @smallschoolda @nrea1
3 months ago, Stuart Packard
MOCS flag
Supts Door
Roady & Gumby are back in BW working hard, although Gumby is a bit worn out after a few days at the @smallschoolda conference in Sacramento. They were the stars of the speech that Buttonwillow's Superintendent, @stuartpackard gave to open the statewide conference. @nrea1
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
state opening
Gumby Roady working
Fundamentally good decision making and great student ingenuity. When the construction of a solar project requires an ADA compliant jog in the fence, why not turn it into a soccer goal. @smallschoolda @sitelogiq
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
soccer goal
Thank you @CalMatters for sending a photojournalist to follow a typical day of a student in a rural CA school under changing COVID guidelines. We look forward to future photos & stories. @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 @caedpartners @RuralED @BobWise48 @rudysalasjr @RepDavidValadao @ACSARegion_11
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
Lorena 1
Everyday is a beautiful day in Buttonwillow. Today is truly beautiful. 72 degrees & students are able to work outside. Dr. Seuss' green eggs & ham served by the staff to our students for breakfast. A positive school climate! #bwrunners @Teach_Turpin_24 @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
green eggs and ham
work outside 3
work outside 2
work outside
Always great when Kinder students start using microscopes in the Science Lab. Excitement is contagious. @stemtaught @MissDPayne2 @TracieTwiford @MissPKinder14 @nrea1 @SmallSchoolDA #1townschoolcommunity
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
micros 4
micros 3
k micros 2
kinder micros
Great days filled with learning happening in Buttonwillow. Missions in @Missturm's class; cooking while following directions and measurement w/ @PaulArreola5 & @MissDPayne2; some basketball and constructing in science lab. #1townschoolcommunity @SmallSchoolDA @CARuralEd
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
Buttonwillow School is looking for a new school secretary. To apply for the position please go to the hyperlink listed below.
4 months ago, Stuart Packard
A big thank you to the BW community for supporting @ButtonwillowUSD. Student learning and safety continues to be the #1 priority. Our staff has a 94% attendance rate and our student attendance is off 7% (88%) from the pre-covid norm of 95%. Dedication to learning is obvious.
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
Our BW 8th graders were checking out how to look at and identify the DNA of a strawberry while in Science Lab. @smallschoolda @StemTaught @Teach_Turpin_24 @MissDPayne2 @Science4Kern @miroyscience @admmomH
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
How can you not provide AVID strategies to our students? Our teachers are making the difference in lives, enough said. Thank you @Teach_Turpin_24 & @AdmmomH for a great presentation on how to implement @AVID4College in small schools throughout CA. @nrea1 @TimSSDA @KcsosStrong
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
avid 2
avid 1
To paraphrase Mister Rogers, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood." In this case the Buttonwillow School neighborhood. A pleasant 70° and students are working outside. @smallschoolda @timssda @admmomH #1townschoolcommunity
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
outdoor 3
outdoor 2
outdoor 1
Glad to be a part of the Pilot #P3CC with @caedpartners. Coherence in Preschool-3rd gr. math. Great discussion today w/ Robla SD Thank you @meganlfranke @cynthiacoburn1 @LuisEArgueta1 @mpusd_now @AzusaUnifiedSD @SangerUnified Oxnard SD @MCS4Kids
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
Robla Convening
A great thing about small schools working together. We had a basketball game cancelled yesterday. We called another school and got a new game scheduled. Making students a priority. Thank you Maricopa School. @smallschoolda #1townschoolcommunity
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
b b-ball 1
g b-ball 1
Great to see wonderful teaching happening in @SusanaE92153149's classroom today. Watching student doing counting collections and then sharing using @padlet from their computers. @meganlfranke @caedpartners @csampsonmath @AdmmomH #1townschoolcommunity
5 months ago, Stuart Packard
padlet in espinoza
Our Buttonwillow Community Resource Center will continue to provide COVID testing from 7:45-2:45, Monday-Friday. By providing this service to students, staff, and families we want to make sure those we serve stay safe and healthy. #1townschoolcommunity
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
Resource Center Sign
Don't miss our BW students on TV today. Filmed in August, watch as they work with Mr. Cushine on the TV show. DO THE MATH, 4:00pm, Kern Educational TV ( KETV), Spectrum Ch 15. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda @kcsosstrong
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
do the math
Preschool is a great place to be in Buttonwillow. Our students are learning through play and get story time with their teacher @karen35836549. Expanding TK and Preschool will be a great addition to our school. #1townschoolcommunity @SmallSchoolDA @rudysalasjr @nrea1 @BobWise48
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
A beautiful morning in Buttonwillow as our busses prepare to roll and the snow covered mountains appear closer than ever to the west. Snow to the west occurs maybe 2-3 times per year. @nrea1@smallschoolda #1townschoolcommunity
6 months ago, Stuart Packard
Buttonwillow Bus