Good things are abundant after 6 days at BW. Creative adventures in PE, Chromebooks in classrooms daily, @MissPKinder14 seems to always be dancing in K, PD for writing/literacy w/ Loretta Spaulding of Nancy Akhavan Education Consultants. @SmallSchoolDA @bwrunners @caedpartners
7 months ago, Stuart Packard
Mrs p
Akhavan Training
@ButtonwillowUSD did the yearly beginning of the year talks, Grades 1-8, today. A little something different for 4-8; a @Kahoot interactive game for prizes. Apparently there areas like cell phones & bullying that the students were well aware of already. @smallschoolda #bwrunners
7 months ago, Stuart Packard
Computers Going Home
cell phone question
Kahoot Game -Behavior
Thank you parents & staff for adjusting to our new drop off & pickup procedures. Always a few bumps that can be smoothed out. There was only one parent complaint. Bottom line safety of our kids is the first priority. @smallschoolda #bwrunners #1townschoolcommunity
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
drop off
Awesome start to the year on Day 1. The busses rolled out; the TK parents visited the classroom; students were excited to work with dihydrogen monoxide in science lab, & kinder students ate breakfast with their teacher. @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 @caedpartners #1townschoolcommunity
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
science lab
TK class
busses day 1
k breakfast
Please read the information in either English or Spanish to help start the school safely.
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
enter exit signs
Our Early Education Team--Preschool, TK, & Kinder are ready to establish our parent connections early & set the tone for education. @marylop17539081 @karen35836549 @misspkinder14 @tracietwiford @caedpartners @smallschoolda @nrea1@meganlfranke @mgretona #1townschoolcommunity #bw
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
early Ed team
Our new teachers are ready to rock & roll. Welcome to the next generartion of BW's awesome educators. Put me in coach, Im ready to play, as John Fogerty says in his song "Centerfield". @missmendez_2nd @rangel_7thgrade @roadymascot @andreotti6bw Ana Rocha, @ngo_mrs @smallschoold
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
new teachers
BW staff & SWAG from today's staff meeting. Green army men to protect our school, a la @tedlasso. A Delorean for our theme this year is Back to the Future and Beyond. Back to the improvements from before COVID. A white or blue jersey to promote the BW team. @smallschoolda @nrea1
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
staff swag 2022-23
Our last Friday before school starts. Teambuilding around games that promote laughter and getting to know new people. Also, spending time with our 1st and 2nd year staff going over school culture and expectations. @smallschoolda #1townschoolcommunity
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
playing spountuneous
game of stuff happens
corn hole
prob teachers
@admmomH & @stuartpackard met with Kenneth Whitchard of Whitchard Choral & Theatre Arts Academy to bring the performing arts to Buttonwillow School this year. Part of our growing list of opportunities in our after school programs. @smallschoolda @caruraled #1townschoolcommunity
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
job app for Whitchard Academy
meeting Kenneth Whitchard
A great first day of developing strategies to improving the literacy of students in Buttonwillow. Thank you @nancyakhavan for your work with BW teachers today. @caedpartners @smallschoolda @luiseargueta1 @admmomH #1townschoolcommunity
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
staff w Akhavan 2
staff w Akhavan 1
Nancy Akhavan
Thank you to our new partner, through our Community Schools Grant, The Komin Medical Group of Shafter. Dr. Komin and part of his team provided immunizations for our students today and will return tomorrow. Roady even had a physical. @smallschoolda @nrea1 @julieboesch @docassisi
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
Komin Medical Group
A great day watching our @caedpartners Preschool to 3 Coherence team developing their Thursday presentation to the staff. @MGretona @SmallSchoolDA @meganlfranke @mathschristine @keyurharenshah @JMarcellin
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
Part of the team
Areas of Strength and Improvement
change Theory
The start of school draws near. New DG & compaction is happening on the track; ball fields scraped & prepared for new hydo-seeding of the grass; new materials delivered for the TK classroom set-up, and new bark has been delivered to provide a safer landing area. @smallschoolda
8 months ago, Stuart Packard
Wood Fiber for Play Areas
FedEx for TK Classroom
Scraped Field
Track with new DG
NEW PARENT & STAFF COMMUNICATION TOOLS - Our communication will be through school app which is being updated. Parents & staff will be able to communicate directly. All individuals will be able to check grades and test scores by logging into their accounts. @Apptegy @AeriesSIS
9 months ago, Stuart Packard
Buttonwillow App
NEW MEDICAL PARTNERSHIP IN BW. Beginning in August our students will have immediate access to a doctor through telehealth.Thank you @hazelhealthinc for the great partnership.This will be a big win for our school community. #1townschoolcommunity #bwrunners @smallschoolda @nrea1
9 months ago, Stuart Packard
bw school
While BW staff worked hard to learn new strategies at @avid4college SI in SanDiego, Roady enjoyed his first road trip. hotels, aircraft carriers, trains, tall buildings, In-Out, Top Gun filming locations etc. #avid4possibilies #bw2college
9 months ago, Stuart Packard
AVID motivational
Visiting Midway aircraft carrier
Roady by the pool
si staff 22
While Roady is out and about our staff continues their work @avid4college Summer Institure in San Diego. Mrs. Clinton and Mrs. Espinosa even rode their scooters around downtown. @smallschoolda #avid4possibility @admmomH
9 months ago, Stuart Packard
at the hyatt
Roady on tracks
Great story/photos regarding BW 8th grader Lorena Hernandez. Proud to see one of our students featured in a California story. @smallschoolda
9 months ago, Stuart Packard
When you arrive @ school in the AM & find out CalTrans hasn't informed the school that repavement of Hwy 58 will shutdown the main entrance/exit during summer school. You punt & do what is safe for kids. Thank you BW parents for flexibility. #1townschoolcommunity
9 months ago, Stuart Packard
Hwy 58 2
Hey 58 1