Great day yesterday with @SeeBoundless filming students & staff regarding our tremendous relationship with @caedpartners. Students and staff talked about how their teaching and learning are changing as well as systemic change in the continuous improvement process. @smallschoolda
9 days ago, Stuart Packard
Congrats to Ms. Turpin's class for winning last week's attendance award. Her class won on a fewer tardies tiebreaker with Mrs. Clinton's class. #1townschoolcommunity
9 days ago, Stuart Packard
Turpin attendance award
This is National School Psychologist Week. We could not be more proud of the work that Mrs. Gutierrez ( @WGutierrez_ ) and Ms. Rocha do each day to assist students, families, and staff in meeting community needs. #1townschoolcommunity @caedpartners @nasponline
17 days ago, Stuart Packard
wendy and Ana
congrats to Hailey Diaz, Maverick Lucas, Sophia Martinez, Ethan Zuniga, Jack Dennis, Jermyah Bice, and Andrea Diaz for competing in the Kern County X-Country Championships. All BW runners placed and had new personal records. #1townschoolcommunity
18 days ago, Stuart Packard
warming up
xc 2
KC championships
Congratulations to Ms. Andreotti's class for winning the award for highest attendance percentage last week. Their class is helping us get to a goal of 96%.
19 days ago, Stuart Packard
Andreotti award
TY @mpusd_now for hosting a @caedpartners Shared Learning Opp. Before leaving Monterey, our Ts raved about their observations & how they look forward to sharing. #Roadster even had a chance to hang out with @meganlfranke to talk math. @SmallSchoolDA #1townschoolcommunity #P3CC
19 days ago, Stuart Packard
bus ride
be with megan
Wonder Woman, First 5 of Kern Director Amy Travis, dropped by our Family Resource Center on Halloween to meet & learn about how our center serves the community. We had an excellent meeting. We found some WW quotes. @First5Kern @SmallSchoolDA @SmallSchoolDA @CommSchools @KcsosSCP
21 days ago, Stuart Packard
ww quote 2
ww 1
First 5 Visit
Our BW 6th graders enjoyed their visit to @CSUBakersfield today. They saw @CSUB_MBB basketball and the campus. @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 @AVID4College #1townschoolcommnity #bwrunners
23 days ago, Stuart Packard
6th grade at csub
csub basketball
TY Ms. Chacon & Ms. Zuniga, BW's school secretaries. With implementation of @hazelhealthinc our Ss see a doctor online w/ virtual healthcare visits. 98% of students return to class. OTC meds are prescribed by the MD and provided by office staff @nrea1 @SmallSchoolDA @CommSchools
23 days ago, Stuart Packard
The doctor is in.
We introduced you to Roadstet last week when he was with rhe P3CC team in Burbank. we said he would be seen around @buttonwillowusd. Sowhere was Roadster found this week.#Roadster @smallschoolda
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
Roadster keyboard
congratulations to Mr. Guzman's @mrguzmanbw9The weekly trophy filled with prizes went to his class. Every Student Every Day Highhest Attendance and 100% Perfect Attendance on top of that. #1townschoolcommunity #bwrunners
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
Mr Guzman's class
A great afternoon of training for @Teach_Turpin_24 and @chavez_2nd. The session by Beth from @StemTaught was awesome and focused on robotics that all our grade levels will use. They were joined by the studentsin @susanaE52797988's class and our buddy Roadster. @SmallSchoolDA
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
robotics 4
Roadster appearance
robotics 2
robotics 1
A great day for a run. The BW x-country team ran in the pistachio orchards across the highway from school. TY @leftinh8cho and @andreotti6bw for coaching this group. Will there be a movie just like our friends in McFarland? @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 #1townschoolcommunity
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
x-country 2
xc 1
Thank you to the students & staff that helped at the Buttonwillow Community Clean Up on Saturday. Along with the @General_Pride football team many of the streets and canals are cleaner. Thank you for caring about the BW community. @Teach_Turpin_24 #1townschoolcommunity
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
SHS Football helping
helping Ms. Turpin
A great @caedpartners convening of districts, @mpusd_now @jonesadela_susd @MCS4Kids, Oxnard & Azusa. Scaling work & creating a sustainability plan. TY @meganlfranke & @cynthiacoburn1 for your support and guidance in a coherent PS-3 math program. #P3CC #countingcollections
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
Megan and Cynthia 2
Megan and Cynthia 1
#Roadster is in Burbank at @caedpartners convening for #P3CC. Thank you Arvin School District for the @KCSOS neighborly note. @chavez_2nd @MissPKinder14 @karen35836549 @ooilove2teach @kshahedpartners
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
team 2
Arvin note
P3CC team
Community clean up day starts atat 8 am at the park. students will recieve beep tickets for participation. see you Saturday morning.
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
Roady has not been seen because of vacation plans. Roady did stop by quickly to introduce us to Roadster. Roadster has taken a liking to our school & staff. He likes to travel and likes to play. Starting next week, we will play, Where is Roadster? @smallschoolda #bwrunners
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
Congratulations to Mrs. Chavez’s class for earning a 99% attendance rate last week.
about 2 months ago, Hiedi Witcher
Chavez Class with Attendance Trophy
Thank you @Teach_Turpin_24 for presenting @next_gen_math to our new teachers. Great to see our new staff learning about supplemental material that has been crucial to the school's past explosive growth in math. #1townschoolcommunity @SmallSchoolDA #bwexperience
about 2 months ago, Stuart Packard
next gen training