Our students are back playing sports again. We opened our season with wins in both volleyball and football against Lost Hills Wonderful Prep Academy. After just two days of practice they repped us well. Good job #bwrunners. #1townschoolcommunity @shafterfootball @general_pride
about 19 hours ago, Stuart Packard
Thank you BW community for following our COVID guidelines. Not perfect but our numbers are good comparatively. No on campus transmissions, 32 students quarantined for 3.3% of student days, 94% of staff vaccinated, COVID testing for staff and starting for registered students.
2 days ago, Stuart Packard
Binax testing
It is special being in a small rural school because we can walk around & see students from ages 3 to 13 on our campus. Today PS was working with slime & verbally sharing about it. 5th grade was working on basic coding with their micro-bits. @smallschoolda @stemtaught @nrea1
5 days ago, Stuart Packard
first coding project
colors 1
We're excited to bring our #P3CC team together for Year 2. Awesome to be ahead of the curve in developing a coherent math program for our Preschool-3rd. Working into the evening as a team. Fueled by Buttonwillow's El Sabroso's tacos and burritos. @caedpartners @keyurharenshah
8 days ago, Stuart Packard
Wonderful discussion and civil discourse on the elements of grading for equity. Teachers as part of the decision makers. @caedpartners @LuisEArgueta1 @teachlopez123 @ClintonJParris1 @mrguzmanbw9 @ClaraYanez2 @Missturm @Msgonzalez_2nd @PaulArreola5 @AdmmomH @middle7teacher
10 days ago, Stuart Packard
equity grading 2
equity grading 1
Great to have our staff back together and focusing on integrating @avid4college strategies with our math instruction. Intentional use of cross grade level discussion with late start Wednesdays. @next_gen_math #bwrunners @smallschoolda
10 days ago, Stuart Packard
math 2
Math 1
We stressed at the beginning of the year that we would focus on the "FUNdamentals". Today we saw relationship building at breakfast, hands-on math activities, everyone active in PE, & use of the Chromebooks to discuss writing formats. @smallschoolda @rudysalasjr @Senator_Hurtado
17 days ago, Stuart Packard
lunar lander leg
breakfast w/ Mrs. Lopez
Nearly 65 schools & districts in CA have closed, burned, or been destroyed due to wildfires. Most of these are small & rural like Buttonwillow. Our students will write letters this week . Ways to help are below. Gift cards can be donated in office. @KCSOS @smallschoolda @CCSESA
18 days ago, Stuart Packard
Kids Fire Relief
burned out school
Another major step in getting our solar up and running. @SitelogIQ @rudysalasjr @Senator_Hurtado @RepDavidValadao @smallschoolda
24 days ago, Stuart Packard
perlings 2
perlings 1
@MissDPayne2 starting working with our band for the first time in 17 months. great to see the enthusiasm. Also included a picture of the breakfast wagons before they go out. Maybe the band can play the theme song from "Rawhide" https://youtu.be/PFGyhSifqzA @smallschoolda @nrea1
26 days ago, Stuart Packard
wagons 1
band intro 2
band into 1
Today @MissDPayne2 started teaching band after 17 months. It is great to see the enthusiasm. Also included a picture of what the wagons look like at breakfast distribution. Maybe the band will learn the theme song from "Rawhide". https://youtu.be/PFGyhSifqzA @smallschoolda @nrea1
26 days ago, Stuart Packard
band into 2
band into 1
it is great to start off each day with the Pledge of Allegiance. We then go to the classroom for breakfast where part of our SEL component is to spend time building positive relationships and check in on students. @nrea1 @smallschoolda
29 days ago, Stuart Packard
breakfast 2
Some of our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students had the opportunity to be filmed for @dothemathbako programs that will air in January and February. Thank you to Mr. Cushine and the filming crew from Kern Educational TV. @kcsos @kcsosstrong @smallschoolda
30 days ago, Stuart Packard
filming DTM 1
Buttonwillow Day 7 is upon us Thursday, August 19. Students age 12 and older, parents, community members, and staff are invited to attend a COVID Vaccination clinic at the school. @KernMedical center will be on campus from 9 am -12 pm. We encourage you to consider this option.
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
Kern med van
Kern Medical table
As a school we stressed resetting our school and making sure we placed an emphasis on making sure FUN is in fundamentals. It is happening in science & PE. Thank you @StemTaught for great science materials. @smallschoolda @rudysalasjr @repdavidvaladao @tonythurmond @CAGovernor
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
stem taught materials
stem taught
Skittles science
Our new solar panel project started on Monday. Looking forward to saving the district and community a few million dollars over the next 20 years. We were able to secure 0% financing for this project. @SitelogIQ @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
placing poles
moving poles
With school starting in 4 1/2 days our asphalt playgrounds and parking areas are getting resurfaced. Those playgrounds and parking areas look great. #1townschoolcommunity #bwexperience #bwrunners
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
resource center pl
primary pg
intermediate pg
Another great day of training. All teachers trained in @AeriesSIS, our new student information system. Our K-5 also were trained in our new @StemTaught hands on science program. A little virtual reality is in our students' future. #1townschoolcommunity @smallschoolda
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
beth again
Buttonwillow parents and guardians please click on the link below to read a letter about the start of school. It is in both English and Spanish. https://bit.ly/SchoolStartsAug11
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
BW teachers spent the morning focused on basic reading instruction. During the year PS-8 teachers will focus even more on reading skills. This afternoon all district staff bowled and dined to build our team. Work hard-play hard. @smallschoolda @nrea1 @caedpartners @acsaregion_11
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
dining together
Bowling together
reading instruction
reading instruction