Buttonwillow School of 330 students, Preschool- 8th grade is looking for an energetic and innovative leader to serve as Principal starting August 1, 2023. See Edjoin below for job description. Salary $104,000 to $123,624. https://www.edjoin.org/Home/Jobs?districtID=258&catID=0
1 day ago, Stuart Packard
The #8thGradeonTrack team is meeting in Livermore to discuss efforts around student achievement. Great to be in the same room with districts from around the state. @caedpartners @smallschoolda @AdmmomH @teachlopez123 @mrguzmanbw9 @ClaraYanez2 @Missturm Clinton Parrish #Roadster
2 days ago, Stuart Packard
#Roadster was spotted today at parent pick up after school. Roadster wanted to make sure everyone left school safely for the MLK Holiday weekend with no school on Monday. #Roadster
20 days ago, Stuart Packard
Roadster at Parent PUp
Great couple of days spent with @avid4College program leads and regional reps from CA and Hawaii. Toured TK to 8th grade classrooms. They got to meet Roady and #Roadster, and talk to both a student and teacher panel. @nrea1 @smallschoolda @kcsosstrong
22 days ago, Stuart Packard
Teacher Panel
Student Panel
Roadster and AVID Team
Buttonwillow School District announces that Mrs. Hiedi Witcher will become the new Superintendent on July 1, 2023. She assumes the role after serving as the assistant superintendent the past 8 years. She will replace Superintendent Stuart Packard, who will retire June 30, 2023.
24 days ago, Stuart Packard
Regina and Hiedi
Stuart and Hiedi
Hiedi, Board, and Family
We hope our BW families enjoy break. It's been a busy 2 weeks. Board members sworn in for new terms, Resource Center provided 150 Christmas meals & community sponors provided 250 children with toys, Santa visited preschool, and numerous classroom activities. @smallschoolda @nrea1
about 1 month ago, Stuart Packard
resource center Christmas
preschool Santa visit
board sworn in
counting collections
Come by the office through 12/22 and vote for your favorite staff created Gingerbread House.
about 2 months ago, Hiedi Witcher
Gingerbread Houses
TY @SantaAnaUSD for hosting a @FutureReady gathering of 18 school districts. Glad to connect our BW staff with @casas_jimmy and @thomascmurray once again. #Roadster was introduced as well. @AdmmomH @Teach_Turpin_24 @stuartpackard Mrs. Rangel. #1townschoolcommunity @SmallSchoolDA
about 2 months ago, Stuart Packard
staff, Jimmy, and Tom
Roadster meets Tom and Jimmy
Awesome to walk into a 1st GR classroom & see both teachers working together on #countingcollections . TY @ooilove2teach & Mrs. Richardson for collaborating to improve student thinking & problem solving in math. #P3CC @meganlfranke @caedpartners @SmallSchoolDA @kshahedpartners
about 2 months ago, Stuart Packard
cc 1
BW received $1.5 million from the state last week. Today the board approved JTS Modular to construct 2 new preschool/TK classrooms and a new family resource center. Old portable buildings will be replaced. Once again, the BW board does what's best for kids. #1townschoolcommunity
about 2 months ago, Stuart Packard
TK Classroom
Our academic awards trip for the 1st quarter was held yesterday. The students were treated to a Bakersfield @Condors hockey game. Thank you to the students who earned the trip and to our staff who attended with the students. #1townschoolcommunity @SmallSchoolDA
about 2 months ago, Stuart Packard
condors 2
Awesome PD opportunities. Stressing relationships, clear communication, & brain response before emotional response in classroom management. TY Estephany from @Kcsos SELPA. TY Erin Walker of @next_gen_math "You Have Data-Now What" They both met #Roadster as well. @SmallSchoolDA
2 months ago, Stuart Packard
Next Gen Math Roadster
Next Gen
Estefany -- SELPA
Classroom Management Presentation
We are #1townschoolcommunity! TY to our Buttonwillow Resource Center staff of Sylvia, Isela, & Serena for working with the Bakersfield @Condors Hockey Team. We will distribute close to 200 teddy bears following last Saturday's Teddy Bear Toss. @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 @First5Kern
2 months ago, Stuart Packard
teddy bear toss
Wonderful classroom happenings in BW today. Egg and cheese biscuits in the Nutrition Lab and classifying minerals in the Science Lab. @SmallSchoolDA @nrea1 @Teach_Turpin_24 Theresa Erro @MissDPayne2
2 months ago, Stuart Packard
biscuits 1
biscuits 2
classifying 1
classifying 2
Staff & leadership meetings after school today. Our 4-8th grade On Track team met with @LuisEArgueta1 from @caedpartners & @stuartpackard met with leads from around the state regarding PS-3 math coherence. @kshahedpartners @AshleyCheung15 TY @AdmmomH @teachlopez123 @ClaraYanez2
2 months ago, Stuart Packard
Great day yesterday with @SeeBoundless filming students & staff regarding our tremendous relationship with @caedpartners. Students and staff talked about how their teaching and learning are changing as well as systemic change in the continuous improvement process. @smallschoolda
3 months ago, Stuart Packard
Congrats to Ms. Turpin's class for winning last week's attendance award. Her class won on a fewer tardies tiebreaker with Mrs. Clinton's class. #1townschoolcommunity
3 months ago, Stuart Packard
Turpin attendance award
This is National School Psychologist Week. We could not be more proud of the work that Mrs. Gutierrez ( @WGutierrez_ ) and Ms. Rocha do each day to assist students, families, and staff in meeting community needs. #1townschoolcommunity @caedpartners @nasponline
3 months ago, Stuart Packard
wendy and Ana
congrats to Hailey Diaz, Maverick Lucas, Sophia Martinez, Ethan Zuniga, Jack Dennis, Jermyah Bice, and Andrea Diaz for competing in the Kern County X-Country Championships. All BW runners placed and had new personal records. #1townschoolcommunity
3 months ago, Stuart Packard
warming up
xc 2
KC championships
Congratulations to Ms. Andreotti's class for winning the award for highest attendance percentage last week. Their class is helping us get to a goal of 96%.
3 months ago, Stuart Packard
Andreotti award