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The link below is to preregister for Distance Learning at Buttonwillow School. Please make sure that you have registered all students for this program. 

Mrs. Younger will be our Distance Learning teacher. She already has 19 students based on the initial survey, but all students will need to register on this form. This is a form that must be completed. It must be done by July 24 at 3:00 PM.

We want you to know we plan on opening school for all grades  on Wednesday, August 5. However, we want parents to know that things are rapidly changing throughout the state and we may need to adjust to distance learning for all students.

Knowing this information please be prepared to adjust to distance learning and having your students at home to start the school year.

We are sorry that things are changing so quickly, but we want to provide the best possible education in a safe and healthy manner.

Letter Link


Distance Learning Registration Link